We have worked with actors, musicians, performers, tv presenters, comperes and film directors to create a wide range of showreels.

We can film you performing a new piece, compile a showreel from previously recorded material, or both!

We have special rates for indipendent artists as we fully understand the challenges you face!

Below is a small selection of showreels we have created, sometimes filming new material, other times just editing together previous performances by the artist.

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  Actor Showreel.

  Compiled using previously recorded clips provided on dvd, and some

  new ones that we filmed.

  Actors Showreel.

  We filmed on location and edited this short period piece for these two

  actresses on behalf of Reel Factory.

  Compere and Stand Up Comedian Showreel.


   Filmed during a live gig.

  Presenter Showreel.

  Compiled using previously recorded material and radio recordings.

  We also had to create some BBC graphics to add to the video to

  maintain consistency throughout where these were missing in the

  original clips provided.

  Presenter Showreel.

  Compiled by using previously recorded material provided on dvd.

  Dancer Showreel.


  We filmed the whole performance for Tim Casson for his own reference

  as this was a work in progress. Hence it's just the main camera angle

  and there are no details at the end.

  Singer Showreel.

  We compiled this showreel using clips from various performances on tv,

  live etc and also filming new material.

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